Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont

Athlete, Broadcaster & Ambassador

Our very first guest is a specialist in “firsts”, including being the first cyclist to ride around the world in under 80 days, averaging 229 miles every day, an astonishing physical and mental achievement. However, to me, it is Mark’s curiosity and hunger to learn and grow that most inspires!

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Key takeaways:

  • Truly too many to summarise, I was overwhelmed by the richness of learning from listening to Mark!, that said…
  • Mark looks to create equal impact in each of three spheres: Family, Community, Business
  • Around Mental Wellbeing, a tip is to find elements we can control, where we feel we have choice, that can give us contentment and fulfilment
  • Mark always “has something on the horizon he can build back from”, yet, while a planner, looks to avoid set milestones, instead looks to create opportunities (I’d call that creating space for Serendipity!)

Many thanks for Mark, a wonderful first guest!