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All things come to those who wait

All Things Come To Those Who Wait. English saying.

Today, on a quiet and grey winter Sunday morning, I am taking a “slow day”.

I know myself to be someone instinctive and intuitive, who often moves fast from decision to action, that when I “light the blue touch paper” I move fast and people move fast and act fast in concert with me.

At the same time, lesson after lesson presents to me and to all of us through history that sometimes the truest and best course of action is to be patient.

The trick, then, is to know when to “light the blue touch paper” and when to pause or simply move patiently. (more…)

Exploring Beauty – John O’Donohue

odonohue beauty

Yesterday I wrote: “CEO Pay and Ugly Leadership” in which I shared the words of Alan Moore:

“Beautiful Businesses Leaders respond to a higher order calling of service to a greater good. Their leadership is framed by values and informed by purpose.”

To act on that higher order calling part of that path is to know the difference between Beautiful Leadership and Ugly Leadership. To truly anchor to Beautiful Leadership it is is key simply to Explore Beauty for the beauty’s sake.

Today some of the beautiful thoughts and words of the late John O’Donahue, who truly dedicated his life to the exploration of beauty in thought and deed. (more…)

Be so good they can’t ignore you

steve martin

Today I’m recommending to you to choose to “be so good they can’t ignore you”, and to back that up by having people in your life, including mentors, that believe in you even more than you believe in yourself

“Be so good they can’t ignore you” ~ Steve Martin

Steve Martin is brilliant. If you don’t know his work, treat yourself to watching any of his brilliant movies across different genres, his sketch show work, his writing (and there is more, much more to him).

Today I’ll share a clip of him giving that famous piece of advice he has repeated over and over, then link to my own thoughts on the power of belief and being supported by those who believe in you. (more…)

Belief and Mentoring

mentor belief

I love the sentiment in that picture above.

“It would be a stretch for others to believe in you at a level higher than yourself. Your mentors are an exception.”

Today I’ve just had two mentoring conversations and so feel like musing on the power of belief in mentoring and sharing some experiences both as mentor and mentee.

In summary, if you feel your mentor doesn’t believe in you at least as much as you believe in yourself, they are not the right mentor for you.


Ma – thinking about the space between


Ma is one of four Japanese terms for space, space being a concept that, it feels, is given much more focus in Japanese culture than in the West.

Today is Friday, January 4th and it feels to me to be a “space between”, where people have turned their minds back towards work after the holiday season, yet at the same time it still can feel like a “space between”.

Today some musing on space and then a learning from a client just before I wrote this, on what this can be used for to benefit you and your business. (more…)

What is your one-word theme for 2019?

one word theme year

First of all, welcome to 2019 as today is the 1st of January!

Over the last two weeks or so I’ve mused on a process for first a) reflecting on the last year, then b) being present to where you are right now, then finally c) setting a focus for 2019.

Now, you may well have some ideas for 2019. You might have, for your business, a strategic plan for one or more years, allied to operational plans, budgets etc.

However, do you have a one-word theme for the year? If not, I recommend you do. (more…)

Anthony Bourdain: Be Open, Be Curious

bourdain obama

As we reach the end of another year, we tend to reflect on the words of Robert Burns of “auld lang syne”, or “old long since”, or simply “of days gone by”.

In such reflections we tend to reflect on those who have left us in the past year. For me, one of those losses that moved me the most was that of Anthony Bourdain. Today I share some lessons he taught us before he left us this past June. (more…)

Happiness and Gratitude

Happiness is a choice

For this post to go out on Christmas Day, a time for gratitude, I am reflecting simply and concisely on Happiness and Gratitude, starting with this image, then the thoughts of the Dalai Lama on “Compassion as the source of happiness“, and finally to share with you a quite beautiful TED talk where the speaker explains: “Want to be happy? Be grateful(more…)

Gratitude in threes. Serendipity, Bruce and Roma.


Yesterday I wrote the second in a series of posts sharing my ideas around a way to reflect on the year that is coming to completion such that you can truly set up a theme to focus on for 2019.

As part of reflecting on the year just past and before looking ahead to the future, take some practices to bring presence to where you are now.

Today I’ll continue that theme of Presence on where we are today and share three things I am grateful for as I write this on a sunny and crisp winter Sunday morning.


Crucible Moments


As regular readers will know, I’m part of a community that is building to create and bring forth transformative leadership programmes under the theme of Beautiful Leadership, inspired by the writings and ideas of Alan Moore of Beautiful Business.

This week a group of three of us were working on shaping ideas collected so far into an early form of that programme. In addition to designing the modules and themes for the programme, we also looked at ideas for elements within the programme and modules.

One of these was coined as: Crucible Moments (more…)

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