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Curation and communities


As I write today’s post, I am up in Cambridgeshire once again working with a small group on further shaping the concept I wrote about as “Beautiful Leadership

Two linked elements that we have agreed are at the core of this shaping are a) that we are seeking to create communities, and b) that it is important to begin with conscious curation to create and spark the growth of those communities. (more…)

Time for new metrics for leadership


Microsoft just became the most valuable company in the world.

This made big headlines, though very few people know the name of their CEO and few of the articles truly got into why his radically different style of humble leadership has been at the heart of that transformation. Yes, humility in leadership at the heart of the most highly valued company in the world.

My homepage begins with the words:

“Command-and-control leadership is losing its grip. A new way of thinking is emerging: leadership that embraces change as constant, encourages individual thought, relies on intuition more than data, fluidity more than hierarchy, trust more than fear, and the common good more than profit.”

Naturally, I’ve then written about new ways of leading, new ways of valuing, new ways of measuring what matters. Today, then, I’ll tie together some thoughts from earlier articles.

  1. how the CEO of Microsoft understands this
  2. how Patagonia also “gets” this, and
  3. how the broader corporate world doesn’t, and are still largely using dated metrics.

Time for change.

Time for for new metrics for leadership (more…)

Being More


As I write this, today I was working with a CEO around where they plan to take their business in 2019. They have a big and bold transformative vision, and today it felt a little, well, too much for them to get from where they are to where they wish to go.

I put to them the question, “so, how can you simply be.. more?” (more…)

Planting trees you will never see

sagrada familia interior

Interior of Sagrada Familia

I love cathedrals and other major centres of worship, such as Sagrada Familia, Hagia Sophia, Durham Cathedral and many others.

A key aspect of such buildings are that almost all of those who were part of their construction knew that they were contributing to something they would never see completed in their lifetime.

They were planting trees they would never see.

Today some musing on #OpenLeadership and planting trees you will never see. (more…)

Listening for energy

ting jin

As I write this post, I have just finished a meeting with a client where there was a powerful moment that came from deep listening to what sat behind the words and content of the conversation. It even sat behind the context or source of the issues being discussed. It sat in the deep energy behind this.

Today I’ll say more and give some examples from experience around “Listening for Energy”. (more…)

PUSH and PULL, finding the right balance

push pull

As leaders, sometimes we push ourselves hard. Work hard, be busy, lead by example etc.

We often then push our people to think, decide, do, deliver.

In the #OpenLeadership model, I refer to this as #Warrior mode. It can work for a time yet ultimately depletes others.

Alternatively, we can seek others to feel the pull of our vision and ideas, to be attracted to an idea and bring their own energy, ideas, effort to make that vision a reality.

Life and leadership are not binary, not “either/or”. It is always a matter of balance between push and pull actions and push and pull energies of leadership.

Today some stories and ideas to support you as a leader in considering your own choices around where to find that balance. (more…)

Say it out loud

Taylor TEDx

This photo is of Dr Taylor Burrowes giving her TEDx Talk in Cayman in April 2014.

I thought of Taylor today, somehow inspired by David Ross, a renaissance Kilmarnock man who posts every morning on Twitter as he wakes up about his face, hair and voice.

Today I shared a few of David’s tweets out loud. It made me think of Taylor’s talk and the power that comes when we “say it out loud”. I’ll muse on both of them and then a thought for leaders on “say it out loud”.


Do work that you’re proud of


“Do work that you’re proud of – work that matters for people who care. It’s all about connection, empathy and making a difference.” ~ Seth Godin

Seth Godin inspired me to post daily. With well over 7,000 daily posts already he has moved way beyond the “marketing guru” identity and his curiosity and vision has taken him into some powerful directions.

My personal favourite book of his is an example of powerful new directions and is called “The Icarus Deception”. Read my piece here for thoughts on the power of getting out of your comfort zone and why, in fact, you simply have to in our world.

Today though, I found that phrase above in a magazine article last week, so let me talk about it a little. (more…)

Conscious mental exercise


I’ve been carrying an Achilles injury for some time now. Recently I had my first Feldenkrais session.  Since then, my level of consciousness around how I move has elevated to new levels, such that I feel energised as I sense that this will both accelerate the healing of that injury and also build flexibility and strength.

I’ve been a Pilates aficionado for years, as well as done a reasonable amount of Yoga. Both of these inform my posture and movement at all times, ie not only during Pilates training or Yoga classes. Feldenkrais, I sense, will take that to a new level and I look forward to learning more.

So, from that, today my mind turns not only to how we can be conscious as we exercise our body but also how we can choose to run conscious exercises with our mind to stretch and grow that “muscle” too.

Let me start with a story about conscious mental exercise that links to physical exercise, then shift to a purely mental exercise that I feel can then link to asking questions of you the reader as to where you may apply this for yourself.


Not my circus, not my monkey

not my circus not my monkey

Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy

A Polish idiom. Literally, “not my circus, not my monkey”.

At the simplest level, this could be expressed as “not my problem”, which for me can be of value but can also be an abdication of responsibility.

So, let me today give two other layers of depth which may be supportive for leadership and in a responsible fashion. (more…)

Making a positive impact

UK Train Travel

Ed Percival told me once that he actively looked to make a positive impact in every interaction with others.

If he went to a coffee shop he’d look at the name tag of the barista and call them by name as they asked for his name for his coffee cup.

If someone used the typical “how are you?” greeting or to open a conversation, he’d open up the energy of his 6’5″ frame and say something such as “wonderful! If I was any better I’d be you!” and unleash his megawatt smile!

Now the thing about being positive and making a positive difference in every interaction is that it physically changes you. I won’t bore you with the science, please simply trust me on this. Being positive creates physical and other changes linked to exchange of positive energy created by such interactions.

Now, why did I choose that photo above? As a relatively new Londoner, let me explain and bring awareness to our choices in how we act in everyday interactions. (more…)

Facing the blank page

facing the blank page

Monday morning. My first calls and meetings start in an hour and will continue until late, so I sit here with one task at hand, to write the daily post to go out tomorrow morning.

Normally that feels great, except today, there is a problem.

I have no idea what to write about, I am facing the blank page.

So what to do, not only as a writer but also as a leader when momentum has stalled, when your team is stuck, when you don’t know what to do next?

Join me as I explore these two questions. (more…)