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Who Comes Next?

Marla Dukharan

Today not What Comes Next, but Who Comes Next, as I’m excited to share with you our latest guest list update for #WhatComesNextLive

First of all though, later today my guest is my dear friend, the mighty Marla Dukharan, she likkle, but she tallawah! All I can say beyond that is JUST WATCH!, you can be part of my live thirty-minute conversation with Marla at 17:00 UK time today, Tuesday 22nd September.

If you somehow miss watching live, you can watch later or subscribe to the podcast on your favourite platform at #WhatComesNextLive

So far we have had 11 shows, and now you can peruse the upcoming guests, with 11 more booked between now and 1st December. Do read their bios and visit their linked sites, then I hope you will be as excited as I am to hear from them soon!

What can you expect from who comes next? When I started the show I hoped for and received has been to be inspired by a wide variety of insights from diverse leaders.

What is absolutely consistent, too, is that being on the show has brought forward, each time, clear and rich conversations and insights for and from each guest.

Hope to see you at 17:00!

What comes After What Comes Next?

after what comes next
Antifragile by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, giving a way to thrive in a world of “The Black Swan“, a book I reference in my blog early on in the pandemic, March 8th 2020, called “Act Now

As readers may know, in addition to daily blogs, I now run a weekly live show and podcast called WhatComesNext.Live. Yesterday I had yet another stimulating conversation with Bruce Peters, my good friend from Rochester, New York. Knowing of the show, Bruce asked me:

What comes AFTER What Comes Next?

This took us into a conversation about what the business world means by the word “Strategy”, then Bruce asked: “what have you learned from this theme of What Comes Next?”

My key learning has been that a theme of far too many leaders who now are thinking too short term in terms of what comes next.

The Pandemic has brutally exposed the cracks and even cavernous ruptures in both society and business for all to see. If we can look longer term at strategy than simply fixing things back the way they were before, then we can look to build an adaptable society, adaptable communities, adaptable businesses that will be, as Taleb puts it, “anti-fragile”, designed for resilience and adaptability, to thrive as the world changes rather than struggle.

Linked to this, I particularly encourage you to tune in to the WhatComesNext.Live show on Tuesday, August 18th with Chris van der Kuyl, a dear friend and absolute visionary force of nature. He now focusses much of his boundless energy and vision on our education system. He sees what comes after what comes next.

Tune in to learn more and, I am certain, you will glean powerful insights to apply in your own life and areas of focus.

Why don’t our leaders take responsibility?

Take Responsibility

Yesterday a friend and I were musing on Trust, and particularly on why so many political leaders are unwilling to ever admit a mistake, particularly on how they have been handling public health in the pandemic.

If they chose to take responsibility, it would give them a “reset”, an opportunity to rebuild trust where they have lost it.

We had no answers to why they would choose to shirk responsibility over and over, to us it seemed so obvious a thing to do.

However, I do have one or two thoughts on trust, credibility, accountability, responsibility, wrapping up with the fact that the more trust we have the less transparency we need.

No answers as to why so many leaders fail to take responsibility, but, I hope, plenty of reasons for all of us to choose to take actions that build trust in those we care about.


WhatComesNext.Live – Creating Opportunities

Mark Beaumont

Yesterday afternoon my dear friend Mark Beaumont was kind enough to “go first” and be my very first guest on WhatComesNext.Live.

For the full half hour conversation on YouTube, follow this link.

For Mark’s inspiring and wise final remarks, including how we models a way of living, being and working that leads to “Creating Opportunities”, watch the clip here:

Maybe now is not the time?

Rob Poynton: Is Now the time?
Rob Poynton

Am excited for the launch of our new weekly podcasts, recorded live each Tuesday afternoon UK time. For full show information and listings, visit WhatComesNext.Live.

At the time of writing our first nine weekly guests are lined up, with Mark Beaumont kindly electing to “go first” on Tuesday June 30th. Well, he is a man of many “firsts”!)

Today giving you a taste of the thoughts of one of our upcoming guests, our guests for the Tuesday 21st July show, the amazing Rob Poynton.

In the show bio, I called Rob “Master of Pause”, and noted: “Rob brings his knowledge, curiosity and playfulness to whatever he focusses on, bringing great value to others.”

Today curating his latest newsletter, where he considers (for himself and for us to think about):

Now may not be the time to pause. However, you do need to pause at some point. That is all I am arguing for – that we should think about how and when we pause. 

Whether or not now is the right time for you to pause, please gift yourself a few minutes to give complete focus to Rob’s thoughts.