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Beautiful Language – Apricity

Apricity - The warmth of the sun in winter.

Regular readers of my daily musings will know that I believe a focus on Beauty has deep links to #OpenLeadership, including leaders being asked and asking of themselves the question: “How can your business be more beautiful?”

I also love rediscovering for myself beautiful words with meanings that resonate with our feelings. Apricity is one such word.


Simple, but not easy


“It’s simple, but not easy”

Yesterday I wrote “To be truly radical is to make hope possible“, and closed that post by saying today I’d write a little about what it takes for radical change.

I love radical change, transformative and brave. Incremental change is important, “marginal gains” and all of that is vital to maintaining forward momentum. However, for me what I love is supporting leaders who are hungry and brave and know deeply that something more radical is needed and that this is their path.

So, when a client asks me for my advice on how to transformationally change their organisation, after I listen, ask questions, then listen some more, I often come up with this statement.

“It’s simple, but not easy” (more…)

Salve Corpus Amanti – what does inspire leaders?

salve corpus amanti mitchell

Vision is not Leadership and Leadership is not Vision, but they are linked. Leadership is about taking people with you on a journey, and it requires commitment, bravery and belief in the vision.

As I write this today, someone I know is being attacked via the national media in the UK by a minority group within their organisation. As I see it, this leader is taking people with them on a journey to achieve a powerful vision not only for their organisation but, through achieving that vision, for society. That minority are fearful of such a transformative change.

I don’t know this leader that well, however, a) I believe this will simply have them be ever more dedicated to their sense of purpose, and b) it set me to pondering what creates such drive, passion, commitment to such a level of visionary change?

After I messaged with this friend I then picked up Alan Moore’s exquisite book “Do/Design – Why beauty is key to everything” (see here for my post) and opened the page to learn about the term Salva Corpus Amanti.

This opened up themes for me around what inspires leaders, taken from learnings from the profound shifts experienced by astronauts when they first saw the Earth from space. (more…)

Beautiful Leadership – Shining Eyes

ben zander ted

You can see from the front pages of this site that I look to work with visionary leaders to see beyond their vision, to “work with them to bring out their unique gifts.”

Benjamin Zander is a legendary classical music conductor, he sees his role as “to awaken possibility in other people” and he knows he is being successful in this when he sees their eyes shining. To him, “success is not about wealth and fame and power. It’s about how many shining eyes I have around me.

Read on for Ben Zander’s amazing TED talk and no how I see that link to my focus on Beautiful Leadership. (more…)