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Innovation by linking the offline and online economies

Messi? Neymar? Mbappé – playing for?

“Innovation is doing different things and doing things differently”

Innovation is simple, as I wrote about here with this definition.

How much do you think it would cost a company to be the main shirt sponsor of the very top football clubs in the world? In excess of $50,000,000 per year. Gulp.

How about the same for a team in the lowest league in professional football in England, League Two? What about the worst performing teams in that league? At the very most this would cost $50,000, or 1/1000th of that of sponsoring Manchester United or FC Barcelona.

Hmmm.. someone thought two years ago, but what about FIFA online?

Today I have an amazing story to share around innovation at the intersection of the offline world (in this case football in the real world) and the online world (in this case the FIFA game).