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Who gets on the bus? Enrolling your followers

My singular focus with clients is to support brave and transformative change. In #OpenLeadership, such change is neither top-down or bottom-up, it is integrated, iterative and involves everyone at their level of context.

In Cascading Leadership as a core model to deliver such powerful change, the focus is on the three areas of Align, Engage, Enrol and how to combine, order and iterate these.

Of these, today a short post from the master to talk about what it means to Enrol, ultimately it is all about people choosing to Align with a vision or idea, be Engaged to make a choice and act, then to “get on the bus”.

Over to you, Seth:


Cascading Leadership – Engage, Align, Enrol

TM Cascading Leadership Graphic v1_F

Recently I wrote : “Cascading Leadership – a new way for transformative change“. That post is a synthesis of many years of learning and practice in supporting transformative change. Please do read the full post, but for today I highlight:

“Which comes first, to Engage or to Align?….the answer is to iterate this repeatedly so that there is no “what to do first”, but a virtuous circle of engage, align, engage, align repetitively, each iteration deepening both elements and building more and more trust in the overall organisation for those within it as they truly feel part of the vision”

From this, I felt to create a “virtuous circle” graphic to distil Cascading Leadership to one simple drawing. Many thanks to the amazing Martha Rowe for creating this from my description of what I wanted. Martha is quite brilliant (she also handles my website aesthetics and more for me), and I highly recommend her!

Oh, and I believe in sharing widely and freely anything I may have that is of value, so note that this graphic (and anything I write) is for you to use, to share onwards freely.

As for applying Cascading Leadership, in addition to my writing, I am retained by a limited number of clients around the world to support them with their leadership and transformative change. Am always happy to talk to you about how I might support you.

Cascading Leadership – a new way for transformative change

cascade de rouget

The “Cascade du Rouget” in Dream Valley.

Last summer, on the way down from an amazing overnight traverse hiking three mountain passes with my three sons and my friend, the amazing guide Arno de Jong, we came to this waterfall.

The term cascade in this form typically refers to a series of waterfalls falling in stages. More generally, the term cascade means:

“a process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on.”

Today I am sharing a method I have developed over time for achieving truly transformative change in an organisation. I call it “Cascading Leadership”.  (more…)