Command-and-control leadership is losing its grip. A new way is emerging: #OpenLeadership, embracing change as constant, encouraging individual thought, relying on intuition more than data, fluidity more than hierarchy, trust more than fear, and putting the common good ahead of profit.

Learn about the four core qualities of the brave and visionary leaders who can and will be at the vanguard of #OpenLeadership

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Tom is at his best one-on-one, in conversation, where he is an excellent listener, keen to understand what I am saying behind the words. He is sensitive to emotions and motivations, connecting personal journeys with the aspiration of the overall business. I always have the sense that Tom has time to care and that my opinion matters, which is a rare talent in such a busy world!

– Mark Beaumont, Global Adventurer, author, speaker

Tom has been a mentor and a great source of support and inspiration to me for over a decade. Always willing to share his insight, perspective and wealth of experience, he has always challenged me to do better. Work with him if you get the chance!

– Steve McIntosh, GPHR, FCA, Founder & CEO

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Make your Proactive Resilience list

Nine days ago, September 18th, I published: “Prepare for things getting worse, then hope for better“, sharing that I feel strongly that the UK will move to full “stay at home” lockdown. I wrote: I am not certain we will go back to the same level of lockdown this time, but the evidence strongly suggests […]

When you feel you always knew

What is Wisdom? In this moment I am focussed on the feeling of receiving wisdom: Something concise that, when you hear it, you feel you always knew it. This week I was talking to my friend and collaborator, the brilliant Alan Wick (at, who is indeed sage and wise. At one point we talked […]

Innovation by linking the offline and online economies

“Innovation is doing different things and doing things differently” Innovation is simple, as I wrote about here with this definition. How much do you think it would cost a company to be the main shirt sponsor of the very top football clubs in the world? In excess of $50,000,000 per year. Gulp. How about the […]