When you feel you always knew

Wisdom: when you hear it, you feel you always knew it

What is Wisdom? In this moment I am focussed on the feeling of receiving wisdom:

Something concise that, when you hear it, you feel you always knew it.

This week I was talking to my friend and collaborator, the brilliant Alan Wick (at AlanWick.com), who is indeed sage and wise. At one point we talked about those moments when you hear something that lands for you so strongly that, once you heard someone voice it to you, it feels like you always knew it to be true.

The same can occur in reading a passage of writing, listening to a song lyric, seeing a piece of art for the first time.

What resonated for me in talking to Alan, though, was the power of listening deeply to someone (something he and I both have the privilege of doing for our clients), then sensing an insight come forward from that and then voicing it.

When such moments land for the client in the way I have described, it really does give everyone goosebumps. In writing this I do feel such a sense of privilege, also reflecting that I have been in receipt of such insights on many occasions so giving thanks for all the wise men and women in my life past and present.

May you share and receive wisdom.

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