6 Components of Wisdom

Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens

Last year I mused widely in the post: “What is your definition of Wisdom?

Today, more focussed thoughts on the 6 Components of Wisdom, each both thought-provoking and actionable for you in your leadership of self and others.

Thank you to my wise friend Bruce Lloyd, who has spend much time focussed on Wisdom. Recently he pointed me to this article that then took me to the work of Dilip Jeste, and a wonderful and in-depth article on the site “Evidence-Based Wisdom”. From that I extracted a summary from the article of the six core components of Wisdom derived from his extensive research, also summarising a definition of each in the context of wisdom:

  1. Social Decision-Making : Making the right choice for a group
  2. Emotional Regulation: Being in control of your emotions
  3. Prosocial Behaviours: Compassion, empathy, altruism
  4. Insight: Knowing yourself
  5. Acceptance of uncertainty: Being open to different views
  6. Being Decisive: Listen, then decide and act

I also love that in the article he refers to ancient wisdom traditions and finds strong consistency across the millenia around this topic. It also makes me think of #OpenLeadership and my distillation of the four traits of the leaders we need for our times and to lead our businesses, to be:

  • Brave
  • Hungry
  • Open
  • Humble

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