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I truly believe in Leading from Purpose, “Putting Purpose first truly drives profit to allow you to further scale your impact.” For more on the scale for impact model, visit this page.

Linked to this, I frequently write about businesses that follow this in their leadership, hence this week I wrote: “Salesforce – Doing Well and Doing Good” focussed on this phrase used by their founder, Marc Benioff.

Previously I’ve written about two UK companies focussed on rehabilitation and employment of ex-offenders, Redemption Roasters and Timpson.

Today, highlighting a remarkable UK business, Recycling Lives, who are also achieving enormous social value, as highlighted in the statistics in the image above.

Recycling Lives, per their latest Social Value report, are supporting 250 men and women at a time in their rehabilitation, with an 84% employment rate and 4% reoffending rate.

Contrast this to the UK nationally, where the reoffending rate is 33% and the employment rate for those leaving prison is only 17%, creating an annual cost of reoffending of £13.2bn.

“Business has to change. Society will no longer accept companies that just pay leaders and owners significant sums without necessarily contributing to the communities they serve. Recycling Lives is leading the way to focus on commercial value and social value, rather than just one or the other.”

from the Vision page of the Recycling Lives site

“Our vision is to successfully align charity with business to build better communities and create long-term social value. Sharing our vision, values and knowledge, we will develop recycling partnerships that change lives.”

Steven Jackson, Founder and CEO, Recycling Lives

I seek to highlight businesses looking at business differently as illustrated by the Leading from Purpose model below. If you would like to talk about how you can lead your business to be and do more, set up a call with me, I’d love to talk.

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