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Purpose, People, Planet - Profit for Impact Triple Bottom Line

The “new triple bottom line” model from:  “Leading from Purpose” 

I reconnected recently with a senior corporate leader who has always inspired me. They are absolutely focussed on customer experience and combine a strong sense of purpose with a passion for numbers and commercial results.

When they told me that one company they are very much interested in moving to is Salesforce, it reminded me that I hadn’t highlighted Salesforce and their founder, Mark Benioff in any of my #DoingTheRight thing posts or in writing around the “new triple bottom line” model above and how this is the time for us to reform capitalism.

A key reason the leader I spoke to is drawn to Salesforce is, simply, that they are “Doing Well and Doing Good“. This leader also highlighted to me that Salesforce has modelled this in the pandemic by strongly focussing on supporting businesses through pivoting their blog to the theme “Leading through Change“, providing a wealth of valuable content.

As with my new triple bottom line model above, Salesfore has focussed on “Doing Good” on “Purpose+People+Planet“. As an outcome, not as the primary driver, Salesforce is clearly (an understatement!) “Doing Well” ie making Profits. This then spins that righteous flywheel so that the more profit they make, the more impact they have etc.

Oh, and they are attracting great talent, as with the specific individual in this story.

This tweet by Mark Benioff is from late last year and links to a piece he wrote for NY Times around the time he launched his book: “Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change“.

Working with leaders who believe in “Doing Well and Doing Good”, in the “new triple bottom line” is a passion for me. If you would like to talk through how you can do more for yourself and those you lead around this, book a call with me.

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