#OpenLeadership is simple.

It is a practice of embracing change as constant, encouraging individual thought, relying on intuition more than data, fluidity more than hierarchy, trust more than fear, and putting the common good ahead of profit.

What does it mean to be this type of leader?

Such leaders have core qualities that drive them.

Those are to: Be Brave, Be Hungry, Be Open, Be Humble

For more on being such a leader, visit the #BeMoreYou page

Of all of these, it truly take Bravery to Lead in an Open way. I see my roles as to support such Leaders who are either in the midst of or ready to embark on Brave and Transformative change.

One way I do this is in my writing.

For daily writing, visit the My Writing page where you can search and find countless real-world examples of such leaders in the many hundreds of daily posts on and round #OpenLeadership. These daily posts are send out twice each week to subscribers in a digest, subscribe here.

Models and Practices, Ideas and Strategies

Over time through my work with leaders and with my writing, I have and continue to develop core models and practices, as well as ideas and strategies to support #OpenLeadership.

To support those committed to growing their own practices as leaders, I have also begun to send out a focussed newsletter periodically, with each on a single topic focussed on in detail. To receive these first, subscribe here.

This page is, then, the repository where these posts reside after being sent out.

Cascading Leadership
Leading from Purpose
Could You Go Slower?

What’s Next?

Some current themes brewing for future newsletters:

  • Secrets to complex decision making
    • Find “simplicity on the other side of sophistication”, make the right decision in what can feel like impossibly complex situations.
  • Making the right decision fast
    • How to cut to the chase and know you’ve made the right decision.
  • Mastermind
    • Learn how to connect to other leaders with facilitated groups in a way that drives lasting learnings, connections, value for you and your business.
  • Seven Leadership Archetypes
    • Learn how to lead your team through challenges bu adopting different energetic and functional styles, adapting situationally to the environment and team.

I would also love for you to contact me to share your own idea and themes you’d like to see me share a tool for you and the audience. I’ll then look into them from both my own toolkit and/or additional research, then create a newsletter around that idea to bring it into action.