Is this the most humble all-time great ever?


Despite the tongue in cheek humour of “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali, today a simple video clip from one of the greatest athletes of all time showing just how humble they are.

I have written several times on humility of leaders around the phrase:

“How you do anything… is how you do everything”

In one such post I wrote:

“ how people treat those who they feel don’t matter to them.

When you are in busy public places ? do they act in a considerate way to others or just push past in a single-minded fashion?

In a restaurant, how do they treat the staff?

Do they thank the bus driver when they get off the bus?

In general, are they present, observant to other human beings, no matter their station or status?

Now, for leaders, be very wary.

If you are in a position of influence or authority, you will find that people are respectful towards you the great majority of the time, but is this a true assessment of their character?

if you have any doubt at all, look to spend time with those people in environments where you can assess how they behave when they aren’t making a conscious effort to impress you.”

Now to the example. You might recognise the gentleman in the white T-shirt. By almost any measure, the greatest ever tennis player, famous for his humility.

Stopped by a volunteer security official. No fuss, no “don’t you know who I am??”. Simply waited patiently for his entourage to arrive with his pass.

“How you do anything… is how you do everything”

Be humble.

Be Like Roger.

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