How you do anything…a Leaders angle

I was reminded by Gaping Void today of this :

GV how you do anything

“How you do anything… is how you do everything”

Or, as a way to observe this in yourself and others, watch how people treat those who they feel don’t matter to them.

When you are in busy public places ? do they act in a considerate way to others or just push past in a single-minded fashion ?

In a restaurant, how do they treat the staff ?

Do they thank the bus driver when they get off the bus ?

In general, are they present, observant to other human beings, no matter their station or status ?

Now, for leaders, be very wary.

If you are in a position of influence or authority, you will find that people are respectful towards you the great majority of the time, but is this a true assessment of their character ?

if you have any doubt at all, look to spend time with those people in environments where you can assess how they behave when they aren’t making a conscious effort to impress you.

“How you do anything… is how you do everything”