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WhatComesNext.Live is a podcast recorded and broadcast live.

On each show our guest first shares a little about themselves and their thoughts on WhatComesNext, then together we seek to draw out those thoughts into actionable insights for you.

This page lists all upcoming and past guests with links to their site to find our more about them, as well as to all  live shows and podcasts.

I’m your host, Tom McCallum.


Mark Beaumont

Tom Beaumont is a specialist in “firsts”, including being the first cyclist to ride around the world in under 80 days, averaging 229 miles daily.

Upcoming Guests

Alex Barker

Tue 7th July 17:00 UK

Alex Barker

Right Hand Pirate, Author, Facilitator, Builder of Networks

Alex has recently written a new book around how businesses and organisations have lived the “Pirate Code”. During lockdown, she has also stepped forward as a leader through countless online events supporting building networks and communities.

Chip Conley

Tue 14th July 17:00 UK

Chip Conley

Rebel Entrepreneur, Author, Founder of Modern Elder Academy

Chip has a unique ability to distil complex ideas to powerful and concise insights. I have learned so much from his many books, TED talks and articles then, in recent years, as a friend and guide, particularly through the Modern Elder Academy.


Tue 21st July 17:00 UK

Rob Poynton

Master of Pause

The word that comes to mind for me with Rob is “Master”, whether as author of “Do Pause“, Facilitator, Coach, Designer, Rob brings his knowledge, curiosity and playfulness to whatever he focusses on, bringing great value to others. I look forward to his thoughts on what comes next.

Steve Chapman

Tue 28th July 17:00 UK

Steve Chapman

Playful with not knowing

Artist, writer and speaker, Steve is deeply interested in creativity and the human condition. He works with individuals and organisations interested in finding creative and counter-intuitive ways to free themselves from stuck loops. I love talking to Steve, he always fires my synapses with tons of ideas and insights.

Kathryn Sheridan

Tue 4th August 17:00 UK

Kathryn Sheridan

Expert in authentic sustainability, founder of Sustainability Consult

Kathryn Sheridan has been working in sustainability long enough to see through it. She now focusses on working directly with clients on credibility and thought leadership. She’s also a forest guide, coach and mentor.

Kay Scorah

Tue 11th August 17:00 UK

Kay Scorah

“If you’re being yourself, you can’t be an imposter”

“At 65, on the steepest learning curve of my life. Retirement can eff off. I’ve got too much to do and to learn”. These are Kay’s words. She is totally brilliant, passionate, inspirational.

Chris van der Kuyl

Tue 18th August 17:00 UK

Chris van der Kuyl

“Gamer, musician, geek and entrepreneur. Education zealot!”

Aye, and a pretty handy cyclist too. Chris is an absolute force of nature, his passion and drive makes a difference wherever he goes and whoever he talks to. I’m sure our conversation this time will focus on education and will bring insights for all of us as individuals and leaders.

Maeve Gillies

Tue 25th August 16:00 UK

Maeve Gillies

Brave, inspiring and Creative Cultural Entrepreneur.

This is a description I gave of Maeve in a blog inspired by a phrase she shared with me: “Leap and the net will appear, though the net doesn’t always look like a net”, a phrase very appropriate for these times as we look at “What Comes Next”.