My key learning after three years of writing daily

Key learning: be open

When I meet with clients, at the end of each meeting I ask them for a Key Learning. Typically what pops out is a concise and “knowing” statement.

Today, October 15th, marks the three year anniversary of daily writing on this site, over 600,00 words and 1,000 posts. What, then, is my “Key Learning” today?

Well, yesterday I went for a long random urban walk before dark. As I started my walk, I was conscious that I had no idea what to right for today’s anniversary post, yet I sensed something would come to me as I walked.

As I walked, I listened to the new podcast series from the actor David Tennant. He is a great interviewer, simply follows the lead of his guests. As he interviewed his fellow Scot, the great actor Brian Cox, Brian (who has recently written his biography) meandered through his life story.

When Brian reached the point in his life where he felt he had grown into himself (around his 50s, he is now in his mid-70s), Brian said: “I always maintain an open-ness. I try not to judge.”

When I heard those words I knew to write this blog, and also what my key learning is from these first three years of daily writing:

Be Open

PS I smile, as this is also one of the four qualities of Open Leadership (see this page)

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