What comes After What Comes Next?

after what comes next
Antifragile by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, giving a way to thrive in a world of “The Black Swan“, a book I reference in my blog early on in the pandemic, March 8th 2020, called “Act Now

As readers may know, in addition to daily blogs, I now run a weekly live show and podcast called WhatComesNext.Live. Yesterday I had yet another stimulating conversation with Bruce Peters, my good friend from Rochester, New York. Knowing of the show, Bruce asked me:

What comes AFTER What Comes Next?

This took us into a conversation about what the business world means by the word “Strategy”, then Bruce asked: “what have you learned from this theme of What Comes Next?”

My key learning has been that a theme of far too many leaders who now are thinking too short term in terms of what comes next.

The Pandemic has brutally exposed the cracks and even cavernous ruptures in both society and business for all to see. If we can look longer term at strategy than simply fixing things back the way they were before, then we can look to build an adaptable society, adaptable communities, adaptable businesses that will be, as Taleb puts it, “anti-fragile”, designed for resilience and adaptability, to thrive as the world changes rather than struggle.

Linked to this, I particularly encourage you to tune in to the WhatComesNext.Live show on Tuesday, August 18th with Chris van der Kuyl, a dear friend and absolute visionary force of nature. He now focusses much of his boundless energy and vision on our education system. He sees what comes after what comes next.

Tune in to learn more and, I am certain, you will glean powerful insights to apply in your own life and areas of focus.

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