Don’t go looking for answers

Looking for answers.

Don’t go looking for answers,

be open to them coming to you

This and numerous other insights came from the fifth (so far) WhatComesNextLive show yesterday with Steve Chapman.

(the reference above is an obscure Wittertainment one and links to both a Keanu Reeves interview and Steve Chapman talking about Quantum Flirting on our show!)

Each show is full on insights, one of my own from talking with Steve was a reinforcement around the power of an “enabling constraint”, linked to which he tends to start each new project, idea or other creative endeavour with the question: “I wonder what would happen if?..”

WhatComesNext.Live definitely took inspiration from listening to and learning from Steve. The show design already contains several enabling constraints and today, after talking to Steve, I added one more:

  • The show goes out live
  • It is only thirty minutes long
  • There is no preparation required for the guests, only to think about the topic “WhatComesNext”
  • There are no show notes added after the show

The first three were part of the initial show design, making it easy for guests to sign up and show up.

The last enabling constraint I just added. Each of the conversations so far has been rich in ideas, insights actionable in different ways, as well as references for viewers/listeners to further follow down rabbit hole(s) of their choice.

I’ve decided to stop adding even the briefest of such notes, instead please simply watch on YouTube or listen on your preferred podcast channel and take away from each show what uniquely lands for you.

Oh, and two “asks” from me.

First, please do contact me and recommend future guests.

Second, I’d love to talk to you to hear your insights, book a thirty minute call of your own and let’s chat!

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