WhatComesNext.Live – who would you see as a guest?

Next Guest

By now I hope some regular readers have tuned into one or more of our first WhatComesNextLive shows. These half-hour 1:1 conversations do go out live each Tuesday at 17:00 UK time, then are available via the site links as either podcasts or on my YouTube channel.

Feedback from viewers/listeners and guests alike has been that the conversations are rich and full of ideas and insights. I have certainly enjoyed every moment myself and look forward to both the upcoming shows and seeing the show develop over time.

Now, the first nine guests I booked are all people I know well, but, whilst I will keep inviting on guests I know, I’d love to broaden this out to people I have not met, or even never heard of at all. After all, I’m insatiable curious about people and leadership, so love talking to new people.

The experience is so, so easy for the guest, all they do is rock up with the theme “What Comes Next” in mind, then chat with me for thirty minutes.

So, I have an “ask” of you. Who do you know who would make a great guest that you’d love to listen to on a future show and that you can introduce to me and to the idea of the show?

Thank you to all of you reading this for giving this thought, and particularly to those who then go ahead and make introductions.

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