I don’t do deadline-based work


Sometimes inspiration comes and I schedule posts days in advance, most of the time I write them the night before, sometimes first thing in the morning. Today’s daily post is going out around 6pm UK rather than the usual 8am.

Clearly today I needed to wait for specific inspiration from today’s weekly WhatComesNextLive show at 5pm UK, with this week’s guest, Rob Poynton, certainly providing lots of it.

One nugget I share here. During our conversation I said:

“I don’t do deadline-based work”

So, after the live stream had finished and we kept talking to ourselves on Zoom, Rob was very taken with me coining that phrase, then observed, quoting his friend Nick Parker:

“By naming something into existence, you immediately make it visible”

This lead Rob and I into a whole new realm of discussing both deadline-based and non deadline-based work, as well as behaviours around this from leaders.

I’ll leave this with you to muse for yourself.

Oh, and I am smiling. There is one piece of deadline-based work I do continue to do. This blog. Every day, always, over 1,000 daily posts to date. Hmm.

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