Do you leave enough space?

Creating Space

Over several years I have consciously created and curated my life such that space is a priority. Earlier this week I wrote in “Permission Granted” that: “henceforth, I will take at least one four hour chunk of time every other working week to be without any electronic devices entirely. What I do with that time will vary, it may be to read, to walk, to simply be quiet and be with my thoughts.”

This is the latest example of me “leaving space”, whether it is to be creative, or for serendipitous meetings and opportunities to occur. For earlier thoughts on this, see “Less is More“.

It is amazing what can happen when you leave space. As an example, last year I had enough space that, on short notice, I could spend a Sunday and Monday at an event called Basecamp (see post here). Through that I met Steve Chapman, creator of the greatest 10 year plan ever. To square a circle, recently I introduced Steve to Carl Richards, who was my inspiration for giving myself permission in that space above.

Whatever you choose to leave space for, whether known or as yet unknown, I encourage you to look to consciously leave space, the more the better!

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