Time for a new kind of 10 year plan

10 year plan

Back in September 2017, I ran a workshop for Entrepreneurial Scotland called Unthinkable, musing on the pace of change and then coined the term #OpenLeadership as a way of leading in an age where Strategic plans and Visions are often out of date before the ink is dry.

I then was inspired by that workshop and the participants to start writing articles on the theme, absolutely not knowing that within a month I would evolve into daily writing, from which so many amazing experiences have happened for me, meeting some fascinating and inspiring people.

One of them is Steve “playful with not knowing” Chapman, who takes “Unplanning” into an art form, truly living and working in a “not knowing” space.

I have zero idea what Steve and I may do together in future, all I know is we plan to take his dog for a long walk in a few weeks.

For today, then, I give you Steve’s genius 10 year plan. Yesterday he put 60 limited edition prints up for sale online. If you hurry you might join me in getting yourself one. You could always hang it in your office, then bring in a strategist and see their eyes pop out 🙂

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