Being creative – doing the weekend differently

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This week’s 8am Saturday post is coming to you more like 10:30am, as I did my start of the weekend a little differently this week.

I totally acknowledge that many people have to stick to conventional routines of the “9-5”, as well as schedules for children at and around school etc. However, if you have some flexibility around when you choose to do certain things, consider flipping a few things around. In addition to giving you advantages like quieter restaurants, better deals on travel etc, there is real power if shifting out of what is routine and regimented, as I wrote about some time ago in: “Want to be creative? Walk a different route to work“.

So, why publish this post late? Well, this week I started my weekend a day earlier and, working backwards, my start to the weekend looked like this:

  • early Saturday morning – workout to start (finish??) the weekend.
  • Friday evening TV then early night to rest for the gym. After all, had already had a full “weekend” so no need for a late night on Friday!
  • “Dinner” out at 4:30pm in London, finish at restaurant around 6 just as that area gets super busy and loud after folk finish work, then home by 7.
  • From brunch to watch a movie in an empty cinema at 12:30pm
  • Brunch “walk-in” at 11am on Friday in a fantastic spot that has one hour queues down the street for conventional Sunday. brunch
  • “Saturday morning lie-in” on a Friday
  • Friday night dinner on Thursday evening

Note that, in addition to suggesting looking at things differently, I also gave you my rundown of that “early start” weekend in reverse order, which can further stretch the brain and foster new creativity.

So, now am posting this for you on Saturday morning, then (yes, whilst doing a little work to catch up over the weekend) I now have nearly the full weekend still ahead of me. Hmm, what else might I do differently that wouldn’t normally be done on a Saturday or Sunday?

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