Want to be creative? Walk a different route to work

walk different route to work

“Innovation = doing things differently and doing different things”

I distilled this some years ago into my definition of innovation.

Innovation at work is really “buzzy” these days, with book after book, TED talk after TED talk about how we can be more creative and innovative at work.

One simple suggestion today. Take a different route than the usual one you walk to work each day, then repeat the new route again and again rather than your regular route.

Breaking your usual habits and taking time to form new ones will not only forge new neural pathways through such neuroplasticity, but also fire so many synapses in the process. In so doing, this also creates an environment for your thinking to be more creative and so innovative,

“Innovation = doing things differently and doing different things”

So, do things differently by walking to work a new route and forming a new habit, and you will be able to do and think different things.

Walking to work by a different route can literally be a way to help you innovate.

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