Beautiful Language – Apricity

Apricity - The warmth of the sun in winter.

Regular readers of my daily musings will know that I believe a focus on Beauty has deep links to #OpenLeadership, including leaders being asked and asking of themselves the question: “How can your business be more beautiful?”

I also love rediscovering for myself beautiful words with meanings that resonate with our feelings. Apricity is one such word.

Now it is late November, London has moved from Autumn to winter, which comes with plenty of days that are not only cold but also grey and sometimes wet. However, often we are also blessed with the sun shining brightly and I adore the feeling of the warmth of the sun in winter, particularly when out on a long walk.

On this Monday morning, wishing you some apricity this winter.

Oh, and for those reading this in Cayman, a reminder that I’ll be visiting the week of December 9th. Am looking forward to some apricity then too for sure, and more than that, to soaking up the warmth of spending time with friends!

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