Cayman and Connecting

Connecting in Cayman

So, I’m coming home to Cayman once again for the week of December 9th.

CONNECTING is my Context for this trip (see “Setting your Personal Context“).

I’ll be connecting with my sons and with friends, and with clients for various projects and meetings. Cayman is and always will be home to me, so it is also a general sense of connecting to Cayman, of being and feeling “home”.

I’ll have some space in the diary that week, so if something I’ve written in my daily blogs or #OpenLeadership posts has connected to you, or if you’ve looked at the #BeMoreYou page and would like to meet to explore that with me, email me to set up to meet, or even go virtual and set up a thirty-minute call online.

PS the photo above is theReef resort, part of my life since conception in the late 1990s, and still connected to the people and the place and take “staycations” there with my boys often.

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