Context creates clarity and focus

Context creates clarity and focus

This week I had a half-day meeting with a client leadership team in Cayman. With a lot happening for them, they were feeling a little “scattered”. After talking through a download of much of that in some detail, we elevated the conversation and arrived at a Context (and three Themes) to set a focus and direction forwards for them.

Context creates clarity and focus, as well as energised individuals, teams and businesses to take action in an aligned and engaged fashion.

So, how do you arrive at such a Context?

In my experience Context is a practice, ie we never “arrive” at mastery, we are always on a journey, but at the same time, it does become quicker and more instinctive over time.

At the start of the journey, it can feel challenging and so it is always (always) best to have a coach or other independent and objective practised facilitator to support you around this.

As you develop your own practice around Context, it does become easier and quicker to arrive at, which also has the benefit that you can use it as a tool often. Yes, it is powerful as a driver for an entire business (eg a Vision, Strategy etc), but it can also be used “in the moment” for a single conversation, as I did yesterday with one of my sons over an issue he was wrestling with. Felt really good to have that tool in the toolkit.

Oh and my Context for my week in Cayman is CONNECTION.

Generally, my week is a careful balance between client work (remote calls and meetings), learning and connection (meetings, events, reading, writing) as well as personal care (exercise, walking etc). This week I am meeting family, client, friends, business contacts from early in the morning until late at night each day, so a “packed” week. That said, it does energetically fit with that Context of CONNECTION, so I am energised by every meeting and that is fuelling me, though I forecast I will sleep well on the flight back to London!

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