Cayman from a new perspective

Cayman Perspective Water

This week I am back in Cayman, my home for more than half of my life, a country that remains my home, though I live in London now.

On my first morning here, staying with friends, we spent hours and hours talking over so many things, as good friends do when they get together after a long time.

What strikes me is that my perspective on Cayman has been altered since moving to London a little over two years ago. Living at a distance, even in this global village that technology gifts us, brings new perspectives.

It reminds me of the phrase: “you can’t see the goldfish bowl you are swimming in”, a phrase often used around the benefits of hiring a coach, a sounding board.

For now, I am simply sitting in awareness of my own shift in perspective and looking to a week ahead of meetings with a wide range of clients and friends.

I also leave you with my favourite talk on the idea of the goldfish bowl, “This is Water”, a famous commencement speech by the late David Foster Wallace, edited and made into a short film. Well worth nine minutes of your time.

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