Prune complexity ruthlessly

simplicity is complexity resolved

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the UK began hearing a hugely high profile constitutional case, streamed live. Such a high profile case also attracts high calibre lawyers to act on behalf of both sides. On the first morning of the case, one of the learned counsels, Lord Pannick QC, attracted much attention and praise for the way in which he presented his argument to the court. I follow various members of the legal profession on twitter, including Sean Jones QC, who tweeted:

“the ability to prune complexity ruthlessly”

Wonderful turn of phrase, sir! In leadership and in all communications, this is critical.

Once you have distilled to simplicity, repetition is also key to landing your message. In “Repeat after me. Repeat your message“, I wrote about how repeating variations on a theme, so today, to highlight why I feel distilling to simplicity is so vital, here are a few variations on today’s theme :

Enjoy, and keep it simple!

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