Repeat after me. Repeat your message

repeat after me

“If you feel sure you have over-communicated your message to your people to the point where they are bored of hearing it from you…. you are probably about halfway there.”

I’ve shared words to this effect with coaching clients and other leaders more than virtually any other piece of advice over the years.

Whenever you are looking to lead change, no matter how it feels when you repeat your message, you simply cannot over-communicate.

Go out there and connect with people and share the message, share your belief in them, the business, the opportunity, the vision.

Do it, then repeat it, not just ad nauseam, but way beyond that. Get me?

Hey, there are about 700 daily posts on this site now. I certainly repeat myself again and again on core themes, sometimes with variations on the theme, but the core messages may well feel boring in their repetition, yet you know what? I’m going to keep going, as change requires repetition of the message.

Getting the point? 🙂

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