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We live in uncertain times.

For business leaders in the UK in particular, we have a Prime Minister who seems committed to driving us off a cliff edge of “no deal” Brexit come October 31st, a scenario that is fraught with challenge and uncertainty.

At such times, it is easy to become disheartened (and I am not immune to that), so the word of Huxley resonate with me today.

In times of uncertainty around us in the broader economy, we can remain grounded by continuing to find certainty in improving ourselves.

Keep investing in growth and improvement

In terms of business leadership, counter-intuitive though it may seem, continue to invest in improving your business at all levels.

The dust will settle, entrepreneurial and growth-minded leaders will always find opportunities where others only see challenges.

For now, though, keep investing, keep focussing on improving. We can all find certainty in uncertain times by focussing on improving ourselves.

As I wrote in: “Always be learning and growing“:

I have referenced the concept of Growth Mindset on this site many times, as well as writing about Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset“.

My friend Chip Conley has distilled this (see this article) to :

Fixed Mindset = To Prove

Growth Mindset = To Improve

Keep focussing on growth, on improvement.

Free diagnostic session

I am told  (see testimonials on this site and my LinkedIn recommendations ) that I have the ability to “see what they don’t see” and to “cut to the chase” quickly, often bringing a diagnostic value that straddles coaching and advice to add value to them and their business with real cut-through.

Those who become my clients are choosing to invest in retaining me as their sounding board, to support them in growing, improving their business and themselves as leaders, finding that having that sounding board provides high ROI that often grows more and more over time.

I’m always open to meeting new people keen to grow and improve. A one hour call or meeting will give you an experience of that cut through, a “diagnostic” if you like.

If this piques your interest, contact me to set this up.

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