What Others Say

This page leads on from “My Story“, where, encouraged by others, I look to share my essence and what brought me to the distillation of who I am today. Here is what others have said.

First, LinkedIn Recommendations about the value I’ve brought to them and their businesses, organisations, projects, initiatives.

After that, what others say about me in terms of their experience of who I am, from an exercise my own coach had me complete in January 2018.

What Others Say – LinkedIn Recommendations

For a full list, scroll to the base of my LinkedIn page. Some examples :

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What others Say – About Me

The following are from submissions from an exercise where people were asked to write about “Tom at his best” and send them in to my coach.

Am truly humbled, as well as inspired, to do more, to be more !

“Tom is at his best one-on-one, in conversation, where he is an excellent listener, keen to understand what I am saying behind the words. He is sensitive to emotions and motivations, connecting personal journeys with the aspiration of the overall business. I always have the sense that Tom has time to care and that my opinion matters, which is a rare talent in such a busy world!” 

~ M, an inspiring friend, writer, global speaker and media figure who I have always been inspired to listen to and learn from over many years on their journey.

“Tom’s true leadership shines when he is fully present in the recipient’s world. When that person is made the first priority.  He shows behaviours like humility, patience, empathic and discriminative listening. He sets his intellect aside. These experiences
usually occur when people have a need for support or Tom sees they have a need and approaches them.”

~ S, a highly valued colleague, collaborator and friend who I have worked with on transformative projects around the world

“He had a magical way of helping people to unpick the essence of what they want, with an uncanny knack of hearing the question you didn’t even ask yourself. He has an exceptional ability to see the steps in the process and help people turn an idea into a reality. He has a calm and loving presence and a sense of authority. Anything Tom has to say … I usually listen!”

~ Y, collaborator, mentee, client, friend. I love to support her as she reaches and elevates her own tribe of many thousands of people around the world through her speaking, writing, teaching, motivating.

“He thrives on engaging with others for the sheer pleasure of learning about them and if appropriate and/or possible, helping those people to be their best. He is inquisitive for the right reasons”

~ A, a top business leader, and much more than that. a friend for decades, we would walk over hot coals for each other

“Tom when he is at his best is a delight. He is humble and confident. Focused on the clients’ needs and reacts with love and humor – pulling on stories to illustrate his points as well as personal experiences. He doesn’t need a plan because he is in tune with waht the client needs and doesn’t have to have the answers”

~ S, world class coach, consultant, friend who I have had the pleasure of teaming with on many occasions.

“An occasion when I have seen Tom in a leadership situation was shaping a group to think “big picture” about the future of a more entrepreneurial nation. Tom was instrumental in the pre work, early discussions and bringing together a varied group for a workshop. Tom is an excellent listener and brings relevant experience to conversations in a way that
ensures support. Tom led this group who had not met together before and steered a complex, strategic and thoughtful discussion to a very satisfactory place where potential future actions, responsibilities and further work was agreed. Much of the support and commitment garnered was down to Tom¹s empathy, thoughtfulness and respect. I have seen many of these types of sessions but rarely one that has the leadership to deliver
outcomes and the desire to follow up.”

~ P, globally respected and renowned business leader, mentor, friend, inspiration.