What Others Say

Tom is at his best one-on-one, in conversation, where he is an excellent listener, keen to understand what I am saying behind the words. He is sensitive to emotions and motivations, connecting personal journeys with the aspiration of the overall business. I always have the sense that Tom has time to care and that my opinion matters, which is a rare talent in such a busy world!

– Mark Beaumont, Global Adventurer, author, speaker

Tom has been a mentor and a great source of support and inspiration to me for over a decade. Always willing to share his insight, perspective and wealth of experience, he has always challenged me to do better. Work with him if you get the chance!

– Steve McIntosh, GPHR, FCA, Founder & CEO

With Tom, you get a smack-in-the-mouth dose of reality. He opened my eyes to possibilities and challenged me on so many fronts. I wouldn’t be where I am now, doing what I’m doing, and loving life, had I not worked with Tom.

– Virginia Czarnocki, Performance Coach at WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Limited

Tom is a big picture thinker but this doesn’t mean that he has his head in the clouds. He a rare skill of connecting a big idea to the activities that are required to actually make it happen and he can do this at every layer of management. He is a compassionate and loyal leader aligned to the business vision and always finds ways to help others to find their role in moving the business towards that vision. I have seen him do this on numerous occasions with various teams in Shirlaws and also for the various clients that he has worked with around the world whether they be multi-national corporates or smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses. If you are looking to make that step change that you know you have to do but are not sure where to start, then Tom can help you.

– Darryl Bates-Brownsword, Hands-on at the FD Centre Limited

Tom is always looking for unique untapped gifts and genius. He has keen value-radar. Tom helps to unearth how we can bring our value out into the world. He provides a reinforcing presence along this journey of discovery and implementation by encouraging and empowering us to achieve what we might not have seen possible.

– Dr. Taylor Burrowes, Coach, Consultant, Counselor

I had the pleasure of working with Tom on one of the biggest projects of my life! He graciously became my sounding board during the sale of our successful Advertising Agency. Tom was key in my decision to take brave steps forward and his advice is always exactly what one is looking for. I highly recommend Tom to anyone in need of a Life Coach or Business Coach – or anyone in need of a Strategic Facilitator! Tom has an incredible knowledge of business and of people and personalities. One of my favorite things about Tom is his way of inspiring people and helping them realize their “Why”.

– Renee Howell, Dreamer, artist & marketing professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom McCallum on a professional basis as we hired him as a business coach several years ago. Tom was able to look at our firm through a series of interviews with key personnel and get a clear picture of our challenges. His insight into our situation allowed him to assist us in adding structure to our organization while guiding us through a growth stage that ultimately created a great cultural shift within the company. While the main project for which he was initially hired has wrapped up, Tom is still working with me on a one to one basis as we continue to grow in a very robust market. Tom is very passionate about his job and works with successful companies coaching and guiding them through their business-related challenges. If your company is currently undergoing struggles whether it is stagnant, faces cultural issues or growing too quickly, I would highly recommend that you meet with Tom.

– David Johnston, Managing Director, Corporate Electric Ltd., Cayman Islands

Through our engagement, Tom assisted the CUC executive team with bringing a greater sense of clarity and purpose to the leadership role. The impact down through the organization has been tremendously positive.

– Richard Hew, CEO, Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.

Tom has been my coach for nearly two years. Working with him can be expressed for me most succinctly in three famous taglines: “Just Do It”, “(Coaching) gives you wings”, “You’re not yourself without your (Coaching)”. Tom’s coaching provided me with a framework to develop my leadership skills, thankfully free of management-speak but full of practical steps to affect real change both within myself and within my organization. These seemingly small changes had led to a big change in how I see myself and how others see me as well as tangible impact where it matters most to businesses, i.e. the bottom line.

– Charlotte Caulfield, Managing Director, KRyS Global

The simplest way I can describe my experience with Tom it is that our time has left me with a sense of clarity. I head in that direction with far more confidence and knowledge than I could possibly have imagined when we began our discussions. Tom’s willingness to cross between coaching and consulting and then back is fantastic. I am transformed and excited about my journey.

– April Cummings, Founder, Cayman Life TV

My experience with Tom was an excellent one – he really helped my team come together and focus on our goals. His interest in our success was genuine, and the foundation for a great relationship.

– Dax Basdeo, Chief Officer, Cayman Islands Government

We all have our strengths in the ways of how we learn. I am a strong “feeler” first, with knowing and thinking of following in turn. I align very much with Tom’s approach to business coaching. He has a natural ability to guide me through a progression of a conversation to answer my own questions pertaining to the growth/direction and possibilities of my business in a very relaxed manner. I have always left a meeting or workshop feeling inspired, motivated and validated beyond a business perspective. It is the power when we take a pause that allows our visions to rise to the surface. Whether you are a one-person business or if you lead the masses, I highly recommend Tom..it’s beyond business coaching…It ripples out into your daily life.

– Kate Dunne, Founder, Flow Therapeutic Movement Ltd.

Tom allows you to develop all aspects of your ideas. He uses inquiry, reflection and discussion to hone in on the company’s goals. Action and moving forward is always the outcome.

– Tigerlily Hill, Fashion Influencer

Tom has been a great supporter of The Saltire Foundation since its early days, helping us in many ways. A real highlight was the coaching session he held with our Saltire Alumni. They left inspired and ready to take action.

– Sandy Kennedy, Chief Executive, Entrepreneurial Scotland

Tom facilitated a workshop at the Cayman Islands HR Society’s 9th Annual conference (phew…that was a mouthful!) so that’s the “what” he did but we should really start with the “why”. For both Tom and I, the “why” was to make potential possible. By delivering a workshop so completely different to anything the audience had ever experienced, and challenging them to think about why and how they live, nurture, work and play. I believe we achieved our “why” and that was only possible through the “how”. Tom delivered to, and engaged with the audience in a style that many are probably not used to, particularly those who have known Tom for a long time. We particularly enjoyed his confession of the Accountant coming out of the closet as a “feeler” I would highly recommend Tom to anyone wanting to transform their business.

– Samantha Nehra, GPHR – Human Dynamics Coach, Psyched (Cayman)

Massive Equipment Rental & Sales turned to Tom to help our business through some of the issues facing our firm in this challenging economy. We grew rapidly from our founding 14 years ago. The recession has seen rapid change also, but in the wrong direction. As an entrepreneur I now see that we lacked the structure to anticipate and work through business cycles more effectively. As the CEO it can also be difficult to work out what to do first. We have found that working with Tom and his team has helped our company, from the owners through the whole team, gain greater clarity of purpose and allowed us to agree on where we need to focus our efforts and gain greater alignment around that. This is not consulting, its coaching. We have had to work hard to achieve the results we are now starting to see, and we know there is much work still to be done. With real tangible results now seen, we are pleased with our progress to date, and with this guidance we know we will go from strength to strength. Tom and the team are a welcome addition to the tools available to Cayman’s business leaders in driving their businesses forwards.

– David Kirkaldy, President, Massive Equipment Rental & Sales Ltd., Fireworks Ltd., Massive Media Ltd., Safety Services Ltd.

Tom provides businesses with the space to determine the direction in which they wish to go and the tools to get them there. Every business should have a coach like Tom.

– Isy Obi, Creative Director & Designer, Isy B.

What immediately comes to mind when I think of Tom McCallum is his passion and commitment to doing things differently. Always inquisitive and never content to simply fall back on what’s worked before, Tom actively seeks out new and innovative ways to move the needle…and by proxy…to challenge those with whom he works to do the same. Nowhere is this more evident than in Tom’s approach to social media and internet marketing. While some may view this new, “wild west” frontier as an area to navigate cautiously, Tom is out in front, clearing new trails. I have little doubt he’ll bring his unique blend of enthusiasm, tenacity and leadership to any organization fortunate enough to do business with him.

– Jim Ritterhoff, Co Founder/Executive Director, Force Blue

Tom is a passionate marketer and an innovative strategist. Intellectually curious with a terrific sense of humor, Tom brings a unique perspective to whatever marketing or strategic challenge he faces. Moreover, his particular interest in and experience with social media and eMarketing give him uncommon insights into this burgeoning field.

– Kim Ketchell, EVP, Account Planning and Integration, Saatchi & Saatchi

Tom’s true leadership shines when he is fully present in the recipient’s world. When that person is made the first priority. He shows behaviours like humility, patience, empathic and discriminative listening. He sets his intellect aside. These experiences usually occur when people have a need for support or Tom sees they have a need and approaches them.

– S, Colleague and collaborator – USA

He had a magical way of helping people to unpick the essence of what they want, with an uncanny knack of hearing the question you didn’t even ask yourself. He has an exceptional ability to see the steps in the process and help people turn an idea into a reality. He has a calm and […]

– Y, Collaborator, mentee, client – London

Tom when he is at his best is a delight. He is humble and confident. Focused on the clients’ needs and reacts with love and humor – pulling on stories to illustrate his points as well as personal experiences. He doesn’t need a plan because he is in tune with waht the client needs and doesn’t have to have the answers.

– S, World class coach & consultant – Cayman

An occasion when I have seen Tom in a leadership situation was shaping a group to think “big picture” about the future of a more entrepreneurial nation. Tom was instrumental in the pre work, early discussions and bringing together a varied group for a workshop.Tom is an excellent listener and brings relevant experience to conversations in a way that ensures support. Tom led this group who had not met together before and steered a complex, strategic and thoughtful discussion to a very satisfactory place where potential future actions, responsibilities and further work was agreed. Much of the support and commitment garnered was down to Tom¹s empathy, thoughtfulness and respect. I have seen many of these types of sessions but rarely one that has the leadership to deliver outcomes and the desire to follow up.

– P, Globally respected and renowned business leader & mentor – Scotland

He thrives on engaging with others for the sheer pleasure of learning about them and if appropriate and/or possible, helping those people to be their best. He is inquisitive for the right reasons

– A, Financial Services Leader – London