Ethics and Reputation Management. Hmm.


This week I wrote a short post called “Reputation Hygiene“. It was about simple things like being on time for meetings.

Now, after reading this, in a recent conversation someone made an off the cuff remark about having read my post and that it had them thinking about Reputation Management and Ethics, though it was just a remark, we didn’t get a chance to discuss it.

Now, as an ICAS CA (see “Trust and being an ICAS CA“) and someone to whom ethics are at my core, I have a question I am pondering from that remark. I won’t share my thoughts now as am indeed pondering, but my gut reaction is:

“If you are ethical you don’t need Reputation Management!”

Put another way, if you need to hire someone to do Reputation Management for your business, then perhaps it is time to questions, your culture, values and ethics?




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