Doing what is right – Timpson (part two)

TImpson guardian story

An adage I follow in working with leaders is: “when you are totally bored of repeating your message, you are probably half way there”. Another one is, “repetition, repetition, then some more repetition”.

So, in the last week I got on a roll talking about “Doing what is right”, first with an article about Timpson, then one about Stantec.

This theme is continuing and I will write more in future articles on other companies.

For today an article I just saw in The Guardian called “The support never stops” on Timpson and their commitment and success in hiring ex-offenders. This adds depth to my prior article, hence this is “part two” on Timpson “doing what is right”.

Now, in the last article I wrote on Timpson, there was a video interview with James Timpson. In that interview he said:

“we may be going to prison to recruit ex-offenders, but actually what we are recruiting is people”.

Leadership is all about people, pure and simple.

Let us always remember that business is about more than numbers on a page, it is about people, it is about community, it is about caring.

What if we thought about business as Purpose+People+Planet=Profit, not the other way around?

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