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Today am feeling inspired by James Timpson of Timpson and his leadership.

By doing what is right, he has also found that this has driven both loyalty in his colleagues and making using Timpson a conscious choice for more and more customers.

So, what was it he has done?

Last week I saw a tweet featuring James Timpson and retweeted it with my own comments. Do watch the short video, it is full of powerful learnings for business leaders.

In the short video with James Timpson, he has found that, having made the conscious choice to invest in ex-offenders as colleagues:

“far more people come to our shops because of what we do and see it as a really positive thing”

James Timpson decided to do what felt right to him.

By doing what is right, he has found that he has attracted customer to his stores because of this.

Now, the article I referred to in my tweet was: “Purpose, People, Planet. The new triple bottom line

In that article I noted:

Purpose + People + Planet = Profit

In fact, if I had the ability, I would draw this as a “Righteous Flywheel”, where the unerring focus on Purpose+People+Planet as drivers allows the corporation to make Profits, which mean it can then focus more on Purpose+People+Planet and so make more Profit, and so on in a “virtuous circle”.

In the case of Timpson, this family-owned business has a clear focus on doing what is right.

It can take bravery sometimes to do what is right. As James says in the video, it can feel like a risk.

However, as Dr King encourages us to do in the quote above, I encourage leaders to always do what is right. Link this to your business leadership and you will create the “righteous flywheel” I talked about in my triple bottom line article.

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