Being More


As I write this, today I was working with a CEO around where they plan to take their business in 2019. They have a big and bold transformative vision, and today it felt a little, well, too much for them to get from where they are to where they wish to go.

I put to them the question, “so, how can you simply be.. more?”

In August 2018 I met Alan Moore, then wrote about his book “Do/Design” in the post “Is yours, could yours be a Beautiful Business?” In that post is a link to Alan’s post of “50 Beautiful Businesses“.

That list came from Asking one simple question :

“How could your business be more beautiful?”

Note the use of the qualifier “more”.

The page on this site designed for leaders to assess if there is a potential match for them to work with me is inspired by the great Ed Percival, my greatest guide and mentor, who distilled more than five decades of coaching to the concise wisdom of three words:

Be More You

Once again, the word “More”.

The word “more” is a powerful invitation towards change, towards progress, towards momentum, towards building belief.

You may (I hope you do) have a vision for yourself and, as a leader, those you lead, to create an impact. If at any time it feels too much, too difficult, too brave, too bold, then simply ask yourself a question incorporating the word “more”.

A few off the cuff thoughts:

  • How can I communicate more often and more clearly this year?
  • How can we do more with what we have tomorrow?
  • What can I do to be more impactful with the tools I have at my disposal?

I notice that by consciously choosing to use the word “more” in each invitation of a question, it takes away specific targets or goals, it simply creates space to be, to do more.

More is an invitation. An invitation creates space for opportunities.


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