Try something new

Recently I ran a workshop in Edinburgh called UNTHINKABLE. From this, I was inspired to write a series of articles on Linked In on the theme of #Open Leadership, which at the time of writing this post has taken me some time to consider and I’ve written six of probably around a dozen articles from the workshop.

So, probably at least 10 hours of work into those articles. At the workshop itself, I ran over the allotted time (sorry to the attendees!) and took about 2 hours.

A few days later, Rebecca Bonnington, who had been at the workshop, asked me if I could capture the workshop essence for a series she had called “1-minute wisdom”.

10 hours? 2 hours? Sure, but 1 minute?

Still, I stretched out of my comfort zone to try something new and filmed myself.

Yes, I ran over again, this time to 74 seconds, but it was a challenging and fun experience.

What else? This video has seen many times more views on Linked In than any articles I’ve written on the subject.

What do you think?

Where in your life and experience could you try something new?