Who Comes Next?

Who Comes Next? Marla Dukharan
Marla Dukharan

Today not What Comes Next, but Who Comes Next, as I’m excited to share with you our latest guest list update for #WhatComesNextLive

First of all though, later today my guest is my dear friend, the mighty Marla Dukharan, she likkle, but she tallawah! All I can say beyond that is JUST WATCH!, you can be part of my live thirty-minute conversation with Marla at 17:00 UK time today, Tuesday 22nd September.

If you somehow miss watching live, you can watch later or subscribe to the podcast on your favourite platform at #WhatComesNextLive

So far we have had 11 shows, and now you can peruse the upcoming guests, with 11 more booked between now and 1st December. Do read their bios and visit their linked sites, then I hope you will be as excited as I am to hear from them soon!

What can you expect from who comes next? When I started the show I hoped for and received has been to be inspired by a wide variety of insights from diverse leaders.

What is absolutely consistent, too, is that being on the show has brought forward, each time, clear and rich conversations and insights for and from each guest.

Hope to see you at 17:00!

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