My Work

My purpose is #ToInspire, and I love to support brave and open leaders of all kinds in elevating and amplifying their impact.

As I have grown and evolved around my purpose of #ToInspire, and around #OpenLeadership, I focus my work on three areas :

Sounding Board for Leaders

Peer Groups

High Impact Team Facilitation 

For more on each area, see the “Work With Me” page.

My Career

In my career (more detail on my LinkedIn page), I’ve spent nearly three decades working with entrepreneurial people, businesses, organisations, helping them grow and thrive.

Oh, and Entrepreneurial, for me, goes beyond narrow definitions, it is a state of mind and applies to all of us in seeing gaps and bravely taking leaps to take opportunities !

I’ve worked  :

  • in Cayman, USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia and all over the Caribbean, Europe and more.
  • with CEOs and leadership teams of large corporations, national and global professional services firms, national and local governments, ministries, agencies, departments.
  • with Charities, not for profit organisations and associations.
  • with Privately owned businesses from the small and ambitious to the globally renowned. Prior to the last decade or so, my career was very much in the entrepreneurial business space and I bring that focus on seeing and bravely taking leaps into every sphere !

What else do you do ?

I wrote a piece a while ago on the fact that people so often make their first question on meeting someone “what do you do ?“.

On the other pages here, I talk about this, and on this page I talk about my career to date.

I like the question “what ELSE do you do ?”, and I do make sure I am ever too busy (see another article on “stop the busy-ness” !), so I always have and make time to abundantly give in multiple areas.

I am simply all about change and being the change I wish to see in the world. I am purposeful and passionate about diversity of thought, as well as helping others #BeMoreYou.

I’m open to any thoughts and ideas on where I can help.

At the current time, some areas of focus for me beyond working with clients are  :

  • I’m a passionate advocate and collaborator with Entrepreneurial Scotland, an organisation on a mission : “to inspire and develop Scotland’s people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world”. Hell yes !
  • #MentorHer I have and will always continue to mentor women.
  • I have committed to not take on non executive corporate board positions, and instead look to support and mentor less represented constituencies (women, BAME, LGBT and more) to step onto these boards.

I moved to London in 2017 to look to and  new and fresh areas, ideas, inspiration to impact myself, those around me, the UK, Scotland, Cayman and more. I focus my work now in London, Scotland and Europe, though also continue to travel regularly to Cayman and North America. Anywhere I can make an impact for people !

People tell me I have the gift of insight, seeing their untapped gifts and genius, supporting them in bravely bringing that forward, believing in them on their journey.

(More about my Purpose, as well as testimonials are on the “My Story” page)

If you’d like to see what sparks and connections come from a conversation, talk to me.