Being unconsciously competent

Michael Jordan: unconsciously competent
MJ in flow, gesturing “no, I’ve no idea how I just did that either”

Do you know how to drive? I imagine you do. However, if I asked you how often you check your rear view mirror when you are driving, would you have any idea how often you do that?

I was reminded of this question this week when talking to a past client who I had introduced to the idea of “unconscious competence” at a group strategy offsite nearly six years ago and who noted how the concept had stuck with him over the years and he had taught it to others.

So, how often do you check your mirrors? When I’ve run this as part of an exercise in teaching the “Competence Model” typically people radically underestimate it, often saying “every 30 seconds or so”. In reality, most experienced drivers check their mirrors every 5-8 seconds.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of my writing daily posts on this site. My purpose in writing is to share what I learn. So, with that in mind, today I re-share a longer post in which I share the way I teach the competence model through story-telling.

I hope it is of value to you and you then teach it to others. My post starts with my father looking to teach me to drive, the problem being he was a racing driver and to teach a beginner was way too big a gap to bridge: “Zen and teaching your son to drive“.

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