Resilience? Ask an Entrepreneur.

While it is certain that we will live with Covid restrictions over the winter, the entire environment is unique and full of uncertainties. As I have written about in recent days and weeks, we will all therefore have to be resilient for months on end as Covid will greatly restrict normal life and business.

We will each need to do whatever we can to be resilient, and that includes making sure we have in our network of close connections those who can support us, as well as those we can support.

My thought for today is to be sure to talk to Entrepreneurs when you think of Resilience.

People with steady careers, jobs, salaries are typically used to routine, structure, certainty. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are, by nature, different. They would feel trapped if everything was certain, structure, routine, predictable.

Entrepreneurs embrace risk, uncertainty, unpredictability, change as part of who they are. They may not have full awareness around this, but all entrepreneurs also have a wealth of tools, tricks, methods to be resilient around all of that uncertainty and change.

So, as you prepare your “Proactive Resilience” list to get you through the winter, make sure you can “ask an entrepreneur”, they will often have some great ideas, tools and tips for you to be more resilient.

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