Carpe Diem and No Ordinary Moments

carpe diem

As the UK drifts and slides, inexorably and through incompetence of national leadership, back to another full lockdown, I have moments of negativity.

What to do? I have no power or influence around this, so I focus on what I do have power over. As Frankl would advise, I always have a choice around how I respond to anything external to me.

Today I am travelling up to the City of London for a client meeting. I have chosen to arrive early and appreciate the views at Tower Hill before walking up to their office.

As I stood and absorbed the contrast of the Tower of London then The Shard, enjoying the quiet due to lack of vehicle and foot traffic, I felt inspired to write today’s post on my phone.

Carpe Diem: Seize the Day (and watch Dead Poet’s Society again, extraordinary film, Robin Williams at his very best).

No Ordinary Moments. A phrase taught to me my Morgan DaCosta as his own way of expressing what we both learned from the mighty Ed Percival. #BeMoreYou.

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