Make a bigger dent in the universe

Leverage Bravery
You are already a brave leader. You had to be to get to where you are. You are already successful, making a difference, yet remain hungry to make an even bigger “dent in the universe”. So, what’s next?

At the moment, am working in the background with the brilliant Maitland Telke of Brand Oxygen on a radical evolution of my website centred on the phrase: “What’s Next” (and as noted in the recent post: “Ready for Change? Incremental or Radical?“. The paragraph above on “Leverage Bravery” is the current iteration of one of the sections on the new home page.

In working on this I was reminded both of the Steve Jobs “dent in the universe” quote and also this artwork from Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void, one of a number I bought limited edition prints of when I took the leap into building a business coaching business centred on the purpose of, simply, “changing people’s lives”.

If you are ready to make that even bigger dent in the universe, I’d love to hear from you. Supporting such leaders is why I’m here.

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