Ready for Change? Incremental or Radical?

Design genius from Maitland Telke of Brand Oxygen

Are you ready for change? If so, does it feel like a time for incremental change or radical change?

This year, I really sense a feeling of “Transitions”, where the pandemic has accelerated change for so many of us and so many businesses. Some of that change would have happened already, only to happen faster in 2020. Some will be unforeseen and so have even higher impact on the business. Some change will be only incremental, but for many, it will be (and perhaps already has been) radical. Lots of transitions, hence my encouragement, more than ever before at this time of year, to take time to focus on the big picture and opportunities, on What Comes Next

From my post on August 1st, “August, Transitions, What Comes Next

Over the summer I found several business owners and leaders recommended to talk to me to help them with “What’s Next?”, whether that be to build their business for sale or succession, to uncover “hidden assets” to then pivot, or sometimes to simply help them leverage feeling re-energised from taking a deep look at their potential.

So, looking to “drink my own medicine”, I retained the services of the brilliant Maitland Telke of Brand Oxygen to help me “see what I can’t see” about myself and my work. This work is now taking visual form as he presented today some “brand evolution” options, with the one above being a potential home page main image. Some of the evolutionary images he shared were incremental, then, along a scale, they were more and more radical. This one was from the most radical set.

I love it, it felt right immediately. It does feel radical, it does feel brave, so naturally, it takes a little time to process this, to embrace it fully. I love that combination. Something that feels right straight away and is also a stretch. Radical here we come!

PS the new website design will emerge in the coming week. For now, if you or someone you know are ready for that “What’s Next?” conversation, book a meeting with me now. Let’s talk!

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