I repeat – slow down to speed up later


My clients are very often high achievers who have spent their careers driven to achieve, to plan and then work the plan, to have vision, goals and then hit those targets on time or early. I am typically brought in a “What’s Next?” point, when they are looking for a major change to “make an even bigger dent in the universe”.

In my experience, the starting point is to slow down. To take time to really get clear on personal and business “why”, from Purpose to Vision and only then to Mission and Plan. As you can imagine, sometimes they find this challenging.

“Slow Down to Speed up Later”

This is my summary and and adage I used often, so I make no apologies for repeating this today, noting I’ve written around the topic multiple times, including this post involving dog walking in Cambridgeshire from nearly two years ago.

I leave you with a wonderful song from the Lumineers, “Slow it Down”. I was there at the O2 when they played this last year. It starts slow and builds beautifully. Slowing down to speed up later is powerful.

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