A divine bacon roll

bacon roll
A divine bacon roll, from LeSwine

I am currently learning about Josh Waitzkin, author of “The Art of Learning”, and this quote around one of his learning models (on Stress and Recovery) was powerful:


“Most people in high-stress, decision-making industries are always operating at this kind of simmering six, as opposed to the undulation between deep relaxation and being at a 10.” ~ Josh Waitzkin

courtesy of George Mack from this twitter thread

So, this daily blog is on #OpenLeadership and seeks to support brave leaders in continuous improvement. Part of this is, absolutely, to find balance, to be aware of and to consciously “undulate between deep relaxation and being at a 10”.

Another core element is that of lifelong learning is very disparate fields (something else Waitzkin espouses and models).

So, to the topic of today. No, not a weighty post on leadership, but today, not for the first time, I will continue to share around my lifelong quest for the ultimate bacon roll.

My happy place for some time had been a cafe in the middle of Richmond Park that I would cycle to regularly. However, I am in mourning for the loss of that cafe that made the best bacon roll I’ve ever tasted, as the family gave up their lease in Autumn 2019.

I wrote about what made their bacon rolls magnificent back in May 2018 in “Ikigai and Bacon Rolls“.

Now, as the quest continues, a select group of us, as aficionados of both bacon rolls and bike rides, have a WhatsApp group where we both organise rides and share bacon roll stories (hey, its a niche!).

This week I tried delivery of DIY bacon rolls from the famous LeSwine food van at Spitalfields Market. Since lockdown, they pivoted beautifully to offer DIY kits, delivered nationwide in the UK, for you to create your own LeSwine bacon roll. The idea is simple, the packaging top rate, instructions clear and concise, product top notch. Oh, and the bacon roll was great!

I shared this with the Bacon Roll Ride crew and, absolutely correctly, the response from one was:

“I’m sure the answers to the universe are in a divine bacon roll”

So, I absolutely loved my LeSwine bacon roll and it scores very highly on my ultimate list. Meanwhile, I continue the quest. Please give me your suggestions for the ultimate bacon roll!

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