Your MBTI Career Guide

MBTI Personality Type Funny Career Guide

As with all personality assessments, I take MBTI with a pinch of salt, although the part I do most like as an awareness piece is the spectrum we all fall on from Introvert to Extrovert.

If you know your own MBTI, then what do you think of the career guide above? In terms of sheer amusement, the career choices are brilliant fun. I couldn’t possibly pick a top three, but a sample that made me giggle:

  • Squirrel wrangler
  • Horse cop (the horse, not the cop)
  • An actual walrus

Oh, and here is a solid and easy test at 16personalities for you to take to get your own MBTI, that site also has some slightly less tongue in cheek career types!

As for me, in the more formal categorisation, I fall under the area of “Diplomat” and specifically “Mediator”, which I guess fits given my profession. That said, on the image above, I’m, well, “Unemployable” and in a former life perhaps I was a “Cackling old sea hag”!

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