The less you do, the more valuable you are

The less you do, the more valuable you are to your business.

In recent months I’ve worked with a number of leaders who have found that, with the extra time they have had during the lockdown, they have found themselves focussing more ON their business than simply being IN the business. They’ve become re-energised about the potential and vision for the future, truly energising for me to be there to support them.

However, in more recent weeks I have seen some shift back towards the old habits. It is a common habit for business leaders to spend the great bulk of their time working IN the business, pushing the focus ON the business down the list. You know, the way the “busy” work gets done before anything else, how the “urgent” always pushes aside the “important”.

“Put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems.”

Jim Collins, from his book “Good to Great”.

First, if you are seeking to build a business that is not only good but great, read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. Second, putting your modesty aside, please take a moment to recognise that YOU are one of the best, if not the “best people” in your business.

So, my concern for you is that you will not realise your potential and that of your business if you allow yourself to now be drawn back into working IN the business as the expense of working ON the business.

Is this you? Are you “Doing” too much?

“the less you do, the more valuable you are to your business”

This is one of my most frequent pieces of advice to business leaders. Your role is to lead not to manage, to focus on vision and alignment, not “doing”. You have a unique position and perspective to work ON the business, to see the potential, to have the vision for the business into the future.

You can’t see that if you have your head down working IN the business.

So, as we start the week this Monday morning, I encourage, nay implore you, check your diary, ensure you spend at least 20% of your time each week focussed ON the business.

Take an honest look at that, if you are finding that percentage slide downwards, ask yourself what steps you can take to keep the focus ON the business. If you struggle with this yet know from that time you spend working ON your business during lockdown that this is what you need to do, a hint may be to retain someone like me who a) is expert on helping you see your Valuation Vision, and b) will gently but firmly hold you accountable to sticking to leading that.

May you retain focus on your biggest opportunities and remember:

“the less you do, the more valuable you are to your business”


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