If you can’t change the lens, change the language

change the language - Ed Percival
the late, great, “yoda”, Ed Percival

Today is the fifth anniversary of the passing of my greatest mentor in life, Ed Percival. Naming a core page on this site BeMoreYou was done is in his memory.

Ed was a real master of language, so I thought of him yesterday when in conversation with a fellow devotee.

The wise friend I was talking to was reflecting on how sometimes it takes time to change perspectives, views, behaviours. They then reflected on how they had learned over the years of the power of language, then said:

“If you can’t change the lens, change the language”

I paused, felt the power of this, then added that perhaps Ed Percival would have replied:

“When you change the language you use, you will change your lens”

Thank you for continuing to look down upon us, oh Jedi master x

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